The story of The Turner Company (TurnerCo.) is being written. There is news about the people who drive the company and build resilient products for the infrastructure that services urban and rural communities. There are stories to tell about clients who invest in sustainable development. And there are stories to tell about the technology that drives the industry making precast concrete products the choice of design engineers.

This page archives the stories on the Blog Page and Newsletters Page.

Occasionally, TurnerCo. hosts events like tours of its facilities and participates in community events. 

This is where the legacy of TurnerCo. is archived.

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If you are not telling your story, it is rare that someone else is writing it for you. The people at TurnerCo are writing their own story about personal achievements, application of the precast concrete products they produce for building resilient concrete infrastructure, and the relationship of the company with the people it serves. The story about TurnerCo. is a story of investment in people and community, thinking big and investing in modern technology, and believing in the company's brand and promise to its clients. Articles are archived on the blog page where readers are invited to engage in conversation with the people behind the brand.

Community Builder News Newsletter

Company newsletters archive the history of its people, projects, technology, clients, and community outreach. TurnerCo.'s "Community Builder News" is an E-Newsletter distributed using Constant Contact to a private email database that is accessible by TurnerCo. writers only. TurnerCo. is aware of anti-spam and privacy legislation. Recipients of the newsletter have an option to unsubscribe and people visiting the website have an option to subscribe to Community Builder News. Subscribe to our Community Builder News and bookmark to read our story.

Join Us


Design engineers, specifiers, contractors, regulators, elected representatives and media are welcome to attend TurnerCo. corporate activities and witness the production of precast concrete products. Precast concrete products are used to create resilient structures within the the notion of sustainable development that is based on social, economic and environmental pillars. Take a tour of one of our Rhome or Lockhart facilities and meet people who care about producing products that meet national and local standards as well as strict quality control measures that include testing and inspection. Events are community-focused to help improve lives and local economies.