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Certification of The TurnerCo. plants in Rhome and Lockhart by The National Precast Concrete Association demonstrates to customers that The Turner Company is serious about product quality since the NPCA Plant Certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Precast concrete products produced at the Rhome and Lockhart facilities meet ASTM and AASHTO standards and specifications. ASTM International develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials including precast concrete. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a standards-setting organization that publishes specifications, test protocols, and guidelines that are used in highway design and construction throughout the United States.

Product Line

precast reinforced concrete pipe

Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Reinforced concrete pipe is specified for stormwater drainage pipelines, sanitary sewer collection systems, and culverts. Have you considered concrete pipe for other applications like stormwater retention and detention systems, energy dissipators and tunnels?

Reinforced Concrete Boxes

When design engineers and specifiers think of culverts, they think of precast concrete boxes because they can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to commerce and travelers, and last for generations with little maintenance. But precast concrete boxes have many more applications.


Manholes are major elements of buried pipelines used for sanitary sewers and storm water management systems. TurnerCo. supplies standard manholes and manholes treated with the ConShield ani-corrosive system that is specified world-wide.

precast concrete grade rings

Grade Rings

Precast concrete grade rings are placed on the top of a manhole so that the structure is level with the surface grade. TurnerCo. offers grade rings in three sizes up to 4 inches thick including grade rings for ConShield-treated manholes.

precast concrete catch basin

Catch Basins

Catch basins are grated storm inlets that collect rainwater and snowmelt from streets and parking lots and channel the water to pipelines that transport the runoff to drainage ditches, rivers, and lakes.

precast concrete inlet stormwater


Drain inlets incorporated into a curb and gutter system convey runoff to a storm sewer. Inlets have larger grates, knockouts, and flow capacity than catch basins, and have no sump to catch sediments that may enter through the grate.



Headwalls are structures installed at the outlet of a storm sewer or culvert that function as a retaining wall to protect a roadway, railway, or developed property against erosion. In addition, headwalls are used to divert flow. Precast concrete headwalls and wingwalls are often specified with pipe and box culverts, and small bridges .

TurnerCo safety end treatment TXDOT 300

Safety End Treatments

Texas Department of Transportation defines safety end treatment (SET) as "a concrete structure at the end of culverts or storm water pipes installed under roadways." Vehicles that leave the roadway are expected to safely cross the end treatment instead of crashing into the end of an exposed culvert or drain pipe.

TurnerCo precast concrete slabs and risers

Square Storm Structures

Depending upon the installation site situation of stormwater management systems, there are sometimes requirements for precast concrete bases, slabs, and risers. TurnerCo. maintains a supply of standard square sizes for situations that may arise on the job site or specified in advance.

TurnerCo Aerobic septic tank installation

Septic Systems

The Turner Company supplies precast concrete aerobic and anaerobic sewage treatment systems from the Rhone facility or through local distributors. Anaerobic septic systems involve the use of bacteria that don't require oxygen to live. An aerobic septic system involves three tanks. Waste enters the first tank and settles, then moves to the next tank where an aerator moves oxygen bubbles through the waste. This allows aerobic bacteria to consume the waste before discharge.

Duct Bank


TurnerCo vaults are standard designs for the protection and access to telecommunications utilities. Standard, custom and special designs are available for steam and water system controls, and fiber optic installations.

precast concrete oil grit separator

Grease and Sand Traps

Grease and sand traps prevent fats, oils and grease from collecting in stormwater drainage systems and reducing or blocking flow. Traps capture contaminants and prevent them from entering streams, rivers, and lakes through the urban storm sewers.