Improving Lives and Local Economies

Precast concrete products are used to build cities and communities that are resilient to forces of man and nature. The cities where Texans live, work, and raise their families benefit when The Turner Company products are used on infrastructure projects.

Texas Live! Dining, Entertainment and Hospitality District​

The Turner company is in the business of improving lives and local economies with precast concrete products used for a variety of structures including:

  • Drainage pipelines for storm water and sanitary sewage
  • Sewage treatment systems
  • Culverts
  • Electrical and Telcom structures
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Storm shelters
  • Stormwater hazardous material interceptor
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic septic systems
Buried infrastructure concrete pipe sewers

The Turner company is in the business of improving lives and local economies with precast concrete products used for a variety of structures including:

Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Precast concrete box structures

Precast Concrete Box Structures


Precast Concrete Headwalls and Wingwalls

TurnerCo manholes

Precast Concrete Manholes

Storm Water Structures

Duct Bank

Precast Concrete Vaults

TurnerCo Aerobic septic tank installation

Anaerobic and Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Precast Box Structures for Culverts and Small Bridges

Representative Projects

TurnerCo electrical vaults specified for Amazon data center

TurnerCo products are included in the infrastructure of the new Amazon data center on Potranco Road in San Antonio. Data centers house equipment and software for IT operations and storage systems including servers and network infrastructure such as switches and routers.

The vaults were wet cast at TurnerCo’s Rhome facility in February and March. Several of the 16 vaults were specially-designed L-shaped structures. The order was filled in less than four weeks. TurnerCo’s Tim Randal scheduled production and was responsible for meeting deadlines of Big State Electric in San Antonio for shipping. Amazon  is expected to occupy the facility in early 2022.

Specially designed precast concrete boxes for culvert under 13R-31L at Dallas Love Field

Standard ASTM C1577, “Standard Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Box Sections for Culverts, Storm Drains, and Sewers Designed According to AASHTO LRFD” was not enough for a culvert under the 8,800-foot runway 13R-31L at Dallas Love Field.

The specification for 84 feet of 6-foot x 4-foot x 8-foot box sections produced at the Lockhart facility required additional reinforcement to accommodate the weight of a Boeing 767 wide-body airliner. The inner and outer cage of all surfaces of the precast concrete boxes required #5 rebar and extra longitudinal wire to meet the extreme steel reinforcement requirement.

Specials for the heavily reinforced boxes included three bends and a fourth produced with exposed steel on the groove side and only a spigot. Depth of bury was 7 to 12 feet.

TurnerCo’s facilities produced 598 feet of standard 8-foot x 6-foot box sections. Shipping of products from the Lockhart and Rhome facilities started on June 1, 2021.

Oversized precast concrete boxes escorted to the Grand Prairie Public Works Training Center

TurnerCo. produces precast concrete boxes for constructing large water meter vaults. On March 8 components for two vaults were shipped from TurnerCo’s Rhome production facility to the Grand Prairie Public Works Training Center at 319 N Belt Line Road. Because of the oversized dimensions and weight of the concrete structures, the delivery vehicles were escorted to the job site.

Products supplied included precast concrete elements for one 15-foot x 13-foot x 10-foot 6-inches meter vault weighing 91,684 lbs and elements for a second vault,12-foot x 8-foot x 11-foot 6-inches weighing 76,765 lbs.

Top slab set delivery

Precast concrete boxes specified for culverts on FM 5 roadway improvements project in Annetta

New elementary school #6 was constructed on Aledo Independent School District-owned property on FM 5 in Annetta on the southwest side of the District. Servicing of the site required improvements to Farm-to-Market (FM) 5 roadway and new water/wastewater infrastructure.

TurnerCo. was contracted to supply 362 feet of 12-foot x 5-foot precast concrete box sections and 450–feet of 12-foot x 4-foot precast concrete box sections to construction sites on FM 5. 

Giant fitting and reinforced concrete storm sewer pipe for Lancaster Texas distribution and office complex

Special Design

Part of the storm sewer included a giant concrete fitting required to change the direction of the sewer without an oversized manhole structure. The fitting accommodated 84-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe.

In addition to the fitting, TurnerCo. supplied 884 feet of 84-inch; 198 feet of 66-inch; and 108 feet of 60-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe. Shipment of the precast concrete products to the construction site at the NW corner of N. Dallas Avenue and Telephone started November 12, 2020.


Special fitting

Lubbock Pump Station 16

Manholes and Special Valve Box

The Turner Company supplies its products to contractors and municipalities through its supply houses like Ferguson Waterworks ( and by contacting the Turner sales team at either the Rhome or Lockhart facilities.

Twenty-three manhole assemblies were shipped ranging in size from 72 to 120 inches in diameter. Manholes assemblies used for wet wells ranged from 31 to 37 feet tall. In addition, Turner Company supplied one 4-ft. x 5-ft. x 4.5-ft special valve vault.

Precast concrete manholes Lubbock Texas

Fort Worth Zoo

New elephant habitat

A 36-inch x 36-inch precast concrete junction box for the drainage system servicing the elephant habitat. Each unit weighs approximately 4,350 lbs, and that is about the weight of a mid-size SUV (4,400 lbs). In addition, the company produced 18-inch x 18-inch and 12-inch x 12-inch catch basins and 13 48-inch diameter sanitary sewer system manholes.

Precast concrete box structures

DFW International Airport taxiway

Construction of two end-around taxiway systems

22 drainage inlets, 21 manholes and 18 underdrain manhole structures supplied to Flatiron Construction, Inc. for the construction of the end-taxiway “Mike” stormwater drainage system

Precast concrete manholes

Texas Live! Dining, Entertainment and Hospitality District

Precast concrete elements for drainage system

Precast concrete junction boxes, curb inlets, a “Y” inlet, catch basins and a 60-inch diameter sanitary sewer manhole to Industry Junction Inc. and North Texas Contracting through Ferguson Waterworks.

Precast concrete drainage sewers