Working at The Turner Company is a Family Affair


If you are looking for a career experience that is heavily influenced by a family-run enterprise based on strong family values, then The Turner Company is worth considering.

The Turner Company “TurnerCo” works hard at making the workplace safe and healthy while giving employees opportunity to advance their careers by growing the company and creating jobs, training, and offering benefits packages for every level of employment. When positions become available, they are open to women and men of all backgrounds. TurnerCo is an equal opportunity employer.

Long-term employment at TurnerCo depends upon respect for the individual, trust in yourself and colleagues at work, and ethics in the workplace and in conducting business on behalf of the company.



Precast concrete is a type of concrete available in different sizes, shapes, and finishes produced in a controlled factory environment through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques, including robotics. Concrete is poured into reusable and adjustable moulds, vibrated and cured before it is transported to a construction site and installed. Production personnel have all kinds of credentials and levels of education because the jobs widely vary. There are engineers, technicians and technologists, and manual laborers.

Precast concrete pipe plant Lockhart Texas


Estimators estimate the costs of a project in terms of required labor, equipment and materials. Tasks include researching, sourcing, negotiating and obtaining the best prices and quotes from suppliers and subcontractors.


Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for planning, overseeing and leading projects from conceptualization through to completion. This is a senior role requiring interaction with TurnerCo. staff and others including contractors, specifiers, design engineers, regulators and clients.

Sales | Marketing

Integration of sales and marketing helps the company gain revenue and profit. Revenue covers expenses and creates stable operations and the opportunity for growth. Strong and consistent sales help TurnerCo attract talent. Customer trust and loyalty are fundamental to success through repeat sales, and it is its sales force that manages the experience that customers have with the TurnerCo brand. Sales and marketing staff are mobile, taking care of customers inhouse and in the field. Their skills include strong communications and education in sales and marketing best practices, and ethics.


Precast concrete production facilities are a collection of moving and stationary equipment, electrical and electronic networks, pipelines for services and utilities, robotic systems, clean workstations and restrooms, and structures requiring constant attention that are exposed to dramatic weather conditions. Experienced and well-trained maintenance personnel are valuable members of the TurnerCo family who often go about their tasks unnoticed. Maintenance personnel are familiar with the types of equipment used in a production facility, the general practices of working in a manufacturing facility and ability to work with others through unique challenges and routines that are often pegged to shift work.

Precast concrete maintenance

C-Suite Executives and Managers

TurnerCo C-suite executives and managers ensure that the company follows strategy, tactics, policies and rules to achieve corporate goals and objectives. Careers at this level are characterized by business degrees and diplomas, technical degrees and diplomas, leadership skills and extensive experience in the precast concrete industry. Leaders are well known in the industry and are expected to reflect strong family values everyday and build professional relationships that complement the success of the company.

Product Installation Review

TurnerCo people are often asked by a contractor or owner’s representative of a project to attend product installation activities to review and remind installers of standards, specifications, and best practices to ensure that products being installed last for the term of their service life without undue maintenance. Reviewers are skilled in client experience management and highly knowledgeable about materials, soils, and installation practices locally and regionally. They must be familiar with all TurnerCo products

site inspection precast concrete sewer

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