The Turner Company Promise

“Delivery of precast concrete products and an exceptional customer experience through people with strong family values who help build communities.”

A Humble Beginning to a Grand Texas Success

Michelle and Brian Turner, owners of The Turner Company, have set a course for their enterprise to help build communities based on strong family values that include:

respect | honesty | care for others | hard work | ethical business practices | social responsibility | a welcoming and friendly disposition | trust in their words.

The Turner Company took its first steps in commercial and residential construction as a septic tank installer and then a precaster in 2001 to better serve clients by speeding up product acquisition and installation. Then, from a production facility in Rhome, Turner began supplying tanks for anaerobic and aerobic septic systems, grease traps, storm cellars, and manholes.

The Rhome facility has grown with the purchase of wetcast forms, drycast manhole machines, and a pipe plant. These purchases were followed by forms for precast box structures.

As the Texas Triangle became stronger, so too did the Turner brand with the growth of communities in the Texas Triangle. The Turner Company has grown quickly with a new production facility in Lockhart. The high-volume automated concrete pipe production system is needed to supply markets from Lockhart. The first BFS Souveraen pipe and manhole plant in North America became operational at the Lockhart facility in 2019.

The Turner Company is characterized by honest and hard-working people with family values focused on providing an exceptional client experience. When TurnerCo. products are specified for buried infrastructure, the health and safety of lives are improved, and local economies prosper. At TurnerCo., exceptional service is more than a promise – it’s a guarantee!

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The Turner Company as seen by a major global equipment supplier

The Turner Company as seen by a major global equipment supplier

In August 2019, the Turners opened a second plant in Lockhart, featuring the first BFS Souveraen concrete pipe plant in North America. BFS was acquired by Afinitas in 2018 and is one of five Afinitas brands serving the precast concrete industry globally. “Making the investment in a new pipe plant is a huge decision for a family-owned company,” said Brad Schmidgall, Afinitas CEO. “The Turner’s investment is not lost on Afinitas. Regarding family businesses making big personal investments in their future, we take that responsibility extremely seriously, When we’re doing business with customers like Brian (Turner), he is literally trusting us with his family’s future, and we can’t take that responsibility seriously enough.” Source: CPI – Concrete Plant International -1 | 2020