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Precast concrete products from facilities in Rhome and Lockhart, Texas

The Turner Company

The Turner Company took its first steps in commercial and residential construction as a septic tank installer and then a precaster from a facility in Rhome in 2001. As the Texas Triangle became stronger, so too did the Turner brand, and in 2019 the company bought the first BFS Souveraen pipe plant in North America and installed it in their Lockhart facility.

The Turner Company is characterized by honest and hard-working people with family values focused on providing an exceptional client experience. When TurnerCo. products are specified for buried infrastructure, the health and safety of lives are improved, and local economies prosper. At Turner Co., exceptional service is more than a promise – it’s a guarantee!

History The Turner Company Rhome and Lockhart Texas

Exceptional Customer Service


The Turner Company has precast concrete facilities in Rhome and Lockhart, to serve customers in the Texas Triangle and other geographic areas easily accessible to the production plants and supply houses.

TurnerCo service area triangle
Precast reinforced concrete pipe Lockhart Texas


The Rhome facility is the Corporate office of The Turner Company. It is an active precast concrete plant producing concrete pipe, boxes, vaults, manholes, catch basins and anaerobic and aerobic septic tank systems.

BFS Souveraen 1625 precast concrete pipe plant Lockhart Texas


The BFS Souveraen 1625 at Turner Company's Lockhart facility can supply 200 to 300 tons of precast reinforced concrete pipe per day in diameters from 18 to 60 inches.


TurnerCo. is capable of producing and supplying plant-certified precast concrete products to public and private sector clients throughout Texas and bordering states. Professional competencies of the people who are The Turner Company ensure the quality of products and services.

Concrete pipe stacked on top of each other in rows

Concrete Pipe

Precast concrete pipe is the strongest and most resilient drainage pipe available. It can be designed and plant-tested to accommodate any load required. It has minimal reliance on installation practices to support loads; and it relies primarily on its inherent strength manufactured into the pipe. Concrete pipe design and installation leads to the long-term success of a project.

Concrete box structures

Concrete Box Structures

Precast concrete box structures are the ideal solution to a wide range of construction applications. Their traditional use is for culverts as an alternative to concrete pipe. They are available in a wide range of sizes for culverts, attenuation tanks, pedestrian subways, access shafts, service tunnels, marine outfalls, road crossings, and a variety of other applications. In all cases they are specified where strength, durability, and economy are paramount.

Manholes in Lubbock


Manholes are major elements of sanitary sewers and storm water management systems. They are used for access to sewers for inspection, cleaning and removing obstruction in the pipeline, and transition structures allowing changes in alignment. In addition, they are vents for gases, and the location where there may be a change in the diameter of pipelines or a junction. Manholes facilitate the laying of pipelines in convenient lengths.

Storm water structures

Storm Water Structures

Storm water structures are the concrete structures of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) that control surface water quantity, improve surface water quality, and provide added value to the attractiveness of a development. SuDS structures include: concrete pipe of various shapes and sizes; manholes; multi-chamber systems; flow control chambers; catch basins; treatment chambers; headwalls; box culverts and grey water recycling tanks.

Electric Vault construction - during production

Electrical | Telcom Structures

Precast concrete electrical/telcom structures produced by TurnerCo. are used for laying conduits for electric and telecommunications lines, as well as other utilities such as water and fiber optics. The products may be in the form of vaults and manholes, or specially-designed encasements. Galleries used below the streets of congested urban areas can be precast for speedy construction and man-entry for maintenance of the utilities.

Turner Storm Shelter

TornadoShield Storm Shelters

Turner Company has two sizes of precast concrete safe room to accommodate groups of 4 and 7. Their safe rooms are designed to add to existing residential units as well as those being planned, and in garages with a concrete foundation. They are designed for installation in rooms and closets, providing a readily available escape from danger. The walls are 4-inches thick with rebar reinforcement. The structure is directly anchored to the concrete foundation.

Aerobic septic tank install

Aerobic and Anaerobic Septic Systems

The Turner Company supplies precast concrete aerobic and anaerobic sewage treatment systems from the Rhone facility or through local distributors. Anaerobic septic systems involve the use of bacteria that don't require oxygen to live. An aerobic septic system involves three tanks. Waste enters the first tank and settles, then moves to the next tank where an aerator moves oxygen bubbles through the waste. This allows aerobic bacteria to consume the waste before discharge.