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Turner Precast offers attractive, safe, efficient and cost-effective options for perimeter walls for a wide variety of uses:


For land parcels, developments, retail locations, utilities, schools, parks, pools, waste management facilities and more. Available in a variety of standard heights, our precast concrete is a dense building material with reflective sound properties, noise reduction and sight-line barriers. Easy to install around the perimeter of any municipal project, due to our proprietary Rigid Footing Support System installation the panels are also easily removed in the event that access is needed.


Turner Precast fencing and walls meet U.S. Department of Homeland Security / NERC requirements (including UL 752 level-4 bullet resistant specs) for protection of sensitive and critical facilities: transmitting, generating, high-voltage or other specialized utility equipment. Our products provide permanent, robust security not possible with chain link or wrought iron. Additionally, installation can offset other security costs, reducing the need for security personnel or equipment.


Concrete is a dense building material with reflective sound and noise reduction properties. Where required by federal, state or municipal ordinances, Turner Precast barriers are used to reduce the sound which enters a community from a busy road or highway. A noise barrier can achieve a 5 dB noise level reduction when it is tall enough to break the line-of-sight from the highway to the homes or businesses.


Turner Precast privacy walls provide a greater level of seclusion and protection than standard fence systems. While fence wall height is a primary criteria for privacy screen fences, those who have precast concrete screen walls appreciate the related benefits: beauty, safety and noise-reduction. Additionally, since both sides are patterned, there is no unsightly back side to the finished project. It is beautiful from the homeowners’ view, and from the street-side view.


Big-box retailers and real estate developers are concerned with safety, labor and production costs when choosing commercial fence and walls for their projects. Ours are designed to be the safest, most labor-efficient commercial fence/wall on the market. Our proprietary Rigid Footing Support System allows panels to be installed in ten minutes each with a crew of three. Additionally, our panels are manufactured with finishes on BOTH sides, providing an attractive view from every angle.

For more information on each type, please select Sound Walls, Screen Walls, or Retaining Walls from the menu to the left.

Installation Details

Our Turner Precast products are used for both residential and commercial applications. Our walls are built for each project’s need whether it is decorative, safety, privacy, noise reduction, security or security enclosures. The versatility of the system allows many different choices of appearances and colors.

Our unique installation provides the utmost in labor efficiency, customization and time savings. Here’s how it works:We schedule an initial consultation to determine property lines, placement, fence height, finish and any other determining factors.

  1. We cast the wall sections as determined by your job needs.
  2. We drill the footings on your job site, every 15″ on center (shown below).
  3. After the footings have cured, we install the panels (shown below).
  4. We add caps and other finishing details, and we custom mix the stain, apply it, then seal it (shown below).

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