Procedures to Resolve Alarm Situations

Red Light and Alarms:

1.  Air compressor not working

    a. Check breaker in control panel

    b. Check clear tube coming from the A/C going to air switch at bottom of panel

    c. Check rubber hose connection from A/C to air line going to tank


2.  High Water Alarm - Water in pump tank is above normal level:

    a. Check level of water in tank

    b. Check breaker controlling pump in control panel


Probable situations causing this problem:

    a. Water pump to sprinklers not working

    b. Float that controls pump on/off not functioning properly


3.  Sprinklers not spraying properly:

    a. Filters in bottom of sprinklers clogged

    b. Pump screen is clogged up

    c. Break in sprinkler line


Only in the case that sewage is backing up into the home, will it be considered an emergency.  All other situations will be handled in the order received on the next business day.  If you have sewage backing up into your home, please call Justin @ 817-229-3135.